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programmers name: freelance5785
city, country:banglore
freelance experiences:• Over Nine years of Comprehensive experience working in different Microsoft Technologies. • Application Proficient in analyzing and translating business requirements to technical requirements and architecture. • Implemented client projects in various domains like Insurance, Logistic, security and Financial Service Domain industries. • Extensive experience with Planning, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, Support and Maintenance of complex enterprise applications. • Good object Oriented Programming, troubleshooting skills, database skills, SOA Governance skill and development knowledge. • Handled multiple roles – Scrum Master, Team Lead and Senior Developer. • Achieved excellence in development of various reusable automation solutions. • 360 Degree team player who can work efficiently in both independent and team environments. • Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, self-motivated, quick learner, team player, aggressive towards getting work done at the same time gentle towards team’s / end user’s / client’s needs and concerns. • Passion to learn new technologies and tools helping to understand and excel in anything very quickly and effectively. Technical Skills set o Operating Systems : Windows XP, Windows 7, windows8 and windows10. o Languages & Technologies (Work Experience) : C#, Windows Application, WPF, MVVM,, WCF, MVC, Angular2, ADO.Net, XML, HTML, JavaScript, Enterprises Library, Entity Data Framework, LINQ and Java Script. o Database : SQL Server and Oracle DB. o Third Party Tools : JIRA, TFS, SVN, Install Shield. o Methodologies : Waterfall, Agile(SCRUM)
projects:Current Organisation Project : Order Transaction management
Organization : Accenture
Environment : .Net WPF.
Business Layer : C#
Platform : Windows
Duration : April 2014 to till date.
Project Role : Team Lead.

• Producing coherent technical proposals that meets the customer requirements.
• Architecting and designing software solutions for various problem types.
• Having the judgement necessary to choose the best solution to complex problems.
• Designing and specifying medium and large software systems.
• Debugging, reuse, source code management strategies and release management.
• Mentoring and guiding less experienced consultants.
• Meeting clients face to face.
• Building relationships with clients, technical teams and external contractors.
• Managing development of documentation to meet client expectations.
• Working on high volume transactional systems
• Detailed practical understanding of project processes
• Understanding of databases and data modelling / design techniques and data interface protocol

This Project is related to credit banking like shares, funds etc. Here The project we should handle the orders for shares in our application and do the transactions. Like creating the shares and distributing the shares to the highest quote and selling the shares.
The application is WPF based and we have services to interact. We were using DB.
Architecture used here is MVVM.

Project 1 : MMC( Multi Media Console)
Organization : Mahindra Satyam (Client Location : Motorola Solutions)
Environment : .Net WPF.
Business Layer : C#
Platform : Windows 7
Duration : Sep 2012 to till date.
Project Role : Senior Software Engineer.
Responsibility : coding, debugging the code, Unit testing.

The MMC application is being developed in alignment with the NGICC architecture of designing composite applications. Composite applications make use of the Microsoft Prism framework that enables loosely coupled Prism modules to be independently designed, developed and tested by one team and then provided as a binary to another team so it can be included in the end-user application or Shell. The delivered Prism module contains both a UI view as well as the underlying business logic. MMC is having different kinds of modules like MCCP Smart Client, MMC Client, RTVI Client and CAD Call Taking Client.
The goal of the MMC is to enable an agency to use their video assets to help find crime in progress and to provide assistance with incidents that is in progress. Once an incident is identified (via MMC, via CAD/911, via radio communication, etc), the MMC Video Surveillance Officer (VSO) will utilize the video assets to help the officers in the field to be more productive in their incident response. The MMC VSO is an extension of the officers in the field. Much like officers in the field, during slow times (where there are no high priority incidents in progress), the MMC VSO will “patrol” areas (using video cameras) looking for crime. It is possible that the MMC VSO will also be a dispatch able entity/asset by the CAD dispatcher (again, much like an officer in the field).
The MMC is assumed to be a tool that is used by a VSO in a fixed command center or potentially a mobile command vehicle in the future. It can be assumed that the command center location has access to fixed/high bandwidth for viewing video. The command vehicle could possible only has broadband wireless coverage. In this case, the viewing client may need to be connected to RTVI DBA functionality in order to receive useable video.
Prior to an MMC VSO becoming involved in an incident, there are a few major use cases that trigger the mid-incident use of the MMC:
1.Receiving information from an existing CAD incident.
2. Receiving information from an LMR system (2-way radio transmission or emergency button press). 3. Receiving events from CBRNE sensors, MVX1000 triggers ALPR hits, etc.
4. Receiving alerts via Video Analytics.
5. Using Video Surveillance Monitoring tools to find/uncover a problem/incident in need of police assistance.
languages:English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu
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