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programmers name: freelance5692
skills: 3d skillsConsulting skillsEnterprise skillsGame skillsGraphics skillsHardware skillsWeb skills
city, country:Gliwice
freelance experiences:Java, JavaScript, PHP, Android, IOS, C#, .NET, Python, Ruby on Rails, Swift, Django We are IT company from Poland be had taken part in many IT projects. Our developers specialise in various technologies - we are in cooperation with 30 developers who program in different languages offering the best solution. We take advantage of our expertise and experience to create technologies that can really influence the present day and shape the future.
projects: 1) we specialize in creating complete IT solutions: from server installation and configuration, to software development and maintenance.
2)we have extensive experience and extensive contacts in the IT industry to build multi-tasking and cross-platform development and deployment teams.
3) we participated in projects such as:
- The landing page creation platform (startup, co-financed by one of the largest venture capital funds in Poland)
- Electronic bazaar (startup, co-financed by EU funds)
- International platform for doctors and health professionals (job offers, language courses, articles, etc.)
- Polish system for creating and managing servers based on OpenNebula, similar in functionality to DigitalOcean (co-financed by EU funds)
- American credit card processing platform, using 3DSecure (project funded by venture capital and business angels)
- News site, similar to Polish, the largest publisher in Nigeria

4) we specialise in creating and maintaining web solutions and implementing and managing IT infrastructure. Projects for medicine, telecommunication, sales of tourist services.
5) we have extensive experience and extensive contacts in the IT industry to build multi-tasking and cross-platform development and deployment teams.
6) we participated in projects such as:
- CallCenter System
- Inter-carrier billing system
- The leading portal selling airline tickets and hotel services
- Software for handling patients in clinics and hospitals
- E-commerce application for the leading agricultural machinery manufacturer from Denmark
- Composer status monitoring system
- Distribution and service management system for a company specializing in providing access control systems
- A project designed to provide intellectual protection for works and works
- Service for booking seats for bus trips and fleet management of coaches.
- Car dealer application for communication with customers of salons and services
- Design of virtual PBXs targeting the Polish B2B market for cheap calls using Voip technology
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