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Marketing Director
date: 04.01.2018
description:• 'front-end' marketing Website to be built in WordPress and in a manner where I (and whomever I designate) will have 'full' admin access to update and/or create content according to promote objectives.
• A 'secured' membership portal to be fully custom built with 'responsive' web application which will accomplish the following:
1. Tiered 3X3 AUTOMATED Forced Matrix payout mgt for 'grouped' members based on set criteria (see attached). “Code the logic” into the application which will allow mgt member's access, EXACT, to those requirements.
2. New members will have a seamless automated web form to sign up and make initial payments to which (the backend operations will, automatically, allocate funds based on instructions (see attached).
3. As each member clears each LEVEL requirement, they will automatically move into the next phase/tier (see attached). Create email notifications, sms alerts (where required) and 'executive' dashboards within the portal for all to see (restrictive access per member but full access to group holders and/or Super admin users, etc.
4. Payment Gateway – “Stripe” (which allow multiple currencies including bitcoin)

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