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CCTV integration with Face recoginition
date: 06.11.2017
description:Stage 1:
1: Our system should integrate all kind of online CCTV camera from our website with minimum knowledge of technical specification.(With permission of the owner)
2: Our system should come to know when the CCTV is stopped working.This may also define if
(A) The camera owner stopped going live
(B) The internet of the Camera is not working
(C) If the Camera has got some problem
(a) System should send notification on mail or mobile no to the camera owner and service provider if camera owner asked to do so.(Defined by the three upper condition)
3: Our system should be able to recognize the camera quality and may rate the camera pics.The pic quality may be divided in 8 time as morning 5 am , 8 am, 11 am , 2 pm , 5 pm, 8 pm, 11 pm and 2 pm or we may fix this according to weather.
Stage 2:
1: Our system should have a motion sensor software inbuild.This sould take pics at any movement of any people.
2: The software will send pics to our server.
3: One software will scan and filter the pics of person in the pics.
4: System will allot an ID to each person and will send pic to their define folder of the ID.The pic of the person will have the data of date and time of the pic with original image.
5: System should send notification to the defined no of mail id if added any filter or rating for any person.
Stage : 3
Mapping: Our system may show on map where our cameras are live on map. People may just click on the camera and may watch the camera live.
Reports: We may generate any kind of data and reports from our system. We may define its type later.

budget:$1000 - $1500

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