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Microcontroller based data acquiring board
date: 28.06.2017
description:Measurement Board
Key Feature:
#Read 8 channel ADC data
#ADC should be in Bipolar mode.
#Read 16 Digital Input data
#Write 16 Digital Output data
#Read Frequency range upto 20Mhz
#2 channel DAC : 0 to 10V output.
#2 channel PWM control with variable duty cycle.
#16x4 LCD Display for display ADC/DAC data, Frequency/PWM data, Digital I/O data.
#PC interface to display ADC data, DAC out, Frequency data, PWM, Digital I/O data.
#dotnet based Windows software.

-Microcontroller should be EFM8BB31F32G (Silab 8051 core microcontroller)
-16 Inputs lines using expander I2c device PCA9535PW or SPI device MCP23s17.
-16 outputs lines using expander i2c device PCA9535PW or SPI device MCP23s17.
-ADC IC using I2c device ADS1248 or SPI device ADS1241
-16x4 alphanumeric LCD display
-Keys for selecting function to display on LCD like ADC data,Dac data,Digital I/O data,
Frequency measurement/counter data, PWM .

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