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date: 11.01.2017
description:We need an app for iphones 5 and later in IOS. It is for a startup that my friends and I are hoping to create to stop distracted driving. The app needs to be able to carry out the following functions. This is a rough idea for the code, and we only need the basics to be done. The parts that are not explicitly stated (for example the point system itself) will be done after the code is done and sent back to us. If any part of this is unclear, please email me at the address above. Price point is negotiable:

1. Sense that the phone is moving over a certain threshold speed
2. Sense that the phone is plugged in and charging
3. Sense that the phone is at a certain tilt (that corresponds to our dashboard mount, so that the phone is sensed to be in the mount)

If all the above conditions are met:
With Embedded google maps in software, sense the distance the car has driven over the threshold speed

Award a certain amount of points based on a predetermined point system per mile driven

If the car is below the threshold speed for more than 20 minutes, the points are added to the total amount of points for all trips, and the tally of points for that drive goes back to 0

On another Tab total amounts of points over all trips can be viewed and each drive is saved, so the user can see which drive gained the user which points

On a third tab, display all the offers from restaurants and businesses (each with a place so that the corresponding icon/photo can be added) that are currently available.
if one of these offers is selected, open to a new screen that has the points required for the discount and have a button that says redeem
if redeem button is selected, the appropriate amount of points are deducted from the total amount and a new window opens with the “receipt”

budget:$50 - $200

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