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Location based website content and data analysis
date: 06.01.2017
description:This is a two stage Project which has to be done individually and then integrated.
The first part is to create a website based on location based content. The main idea is when a user goes to a website or accesses a website , using a geo-ip api we get to know the location of the user through maxmind database or others(whichever is reliable).
If the user is from Mumbai,india , we get to know by its IP address and then show him the content based on Mumbaim Like its temperature, specialities and so on.
Not second part is making a database of the users who have accessed the website, their sessions, number of users on a particular day, hour, week , month or a year. No of users from a particular country.
Also using the geomap api we need to show the number of users on a map by red dots or whatever suits good.
The user can sign up or they can use the website as a guest visitor. Also we need to host the website on a server.
This is a somewhat dynamic project so there will be some more specifications on a later stage.
But for now this is it. Please start as soon as possible.
Also if possible I need an explanation of the technicalities because I need to explain it later on.

budget:$100 - $600

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