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date: 07.12.2016
description:The Idea of Photos Tags
There may be thousands of photos on my Smart phone and could become difficult to look for one or a few specific photos. For example, how could I quickly find the photos with my friend Jassim in my own Smart phone?
1. The App will give me an option to input a Name tag while I first-time shoot a photo of my friend(or I receive the 1st photo from my friend), this photo should have a clear facial part;
2. Once I give a tag on my friend’s facial identification, this info should be recorded in my local phone or an online database of ‘facial identification’;
3. The App will automatically assign the Name Tag to the same friend’s photo, while I shoot or receive the 2nd (and afterwards) photo of that friend, by comparing the facial part against the existed ‘facial identification’;
4. While I want to find one specific friend’s photos from thousands of photos in my Smart Phone, I would just need to input the Name Tag in photo Gallery, and the App will only list the photos which contain this specific friend;
5. This App could apply for other characters like house pets etc.
Extension functions:
1. Considering if there could develop its online function, to share photos among friends by the link of ‘facial recognization’. For example, one of my friend post a photo (including his facial part) onto social media or this oncoming app; then this app could compare this friend’s facial part against the records in my Smart phone. Once matched, the app will give me alert so that I could see my friend’s new photo and possibly know where he is (if his Smart Phone turn GPS location on)
budget:$100 - $4000

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